To promote the release of Meet The Residents in 1974, The Residents released a flexi-disc sampler included in copies of the February issue of File Magazine, featuring a seven minute montage of excerpts of the tracks from the album.

Presaging the group's later "concentrate" edits of their most popular albums, this edit of Meet The Residents has never been officially reissued by the group.

Track listing

  1. Excerpts from Ralph's LP "Meet The Residents" (6:50)
    1. Numb Erone
    2. Guylum Bardot
    3. Smelly Tongues
    4. Rest Aria
    5. N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)

Yeah, that's right Hippies and Squirrels, the first one is almost free. And do you know why? Do you have any idea why we would have 1000 records pressed to sell for $1.99 each while losing eighty-five cents on each one? Well, I'll tell you why - it's so that you'll know our name when you freak out over this groovy, outasite disc (it's real hip, too). And what's that, you say? -- it's UNIVAC RES CORP! Yeah, that's right: UNIVAC RES CORP! Now don't forget it -- UNIVAC RES CORP! Once we sell this first thou and get our name spread far and wide throughout the land, why we'll order some more and goose that ol'price up a little. Then when all those are gone and this thing is a stone smash hit, we'll put out another record and jack that goddam price up sky high! Pretty good plan, huh? And you can be one of the first to help us get it all together by rushing us that two bucks and by remembering that name. It's UNIVAC RES CORP! That's it -- UNIVAC RES CORP! Now don't forget, Hippies and Squirrels: UNIVAC RES CORP!

Sincerely yours,



File Magazine, February 1974

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