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Welcome to Meet The Residents Wiki, an unofficial guide to North Louisiana's Phenomenal Pop Combo!

For almost 50 years, The Residents have existed at the forefront of virtually every new technology in sound, video, performance and interactive media - all while operating under a veil of obscurity and anonymity.

Since January 2017, this wiki (based largely on the sources listed below) has aimed to provide a comprehensive historical resource and reference point for both casual and obsessive fans of The Residents. It also includes information on related entities such as The Cryptic Corporation and Ralph Records.

You can begin your journey through the wiki either by using the search bar to the upper right hand side of the page, the quick links in the top navigation menu, or the links under the "navigation" heading below.

Look out for TRIPLE TROUBLE - coming soon to a theater or drive-in near you!


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Recent and upcoming releases

pREServed Phase Two

  • The most recent release in The Residents and Cherry Red Records ongoing pREServed archival reissue series is a three-disc Gingerbread Man set (which also features the soundtrack album Hunters and other contemporary material, including the recently unearthed "Fat Boy" demo). It was released May 28th 2021, alongside a limited edition vinyl release of the album.
  • Leftovers Again?!, a compilation containing the first of the group's lockdown-induced "multi-track explorations" and other rarities (including a seven-and-a-half minute "concentrate" of the 1970 demo Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor) was released on Record Store Day (June 12th) 2021, in a pressing of 1300 vinyl copies.
  • Other expected releases in the pREServed series in 2021 include an expanded edition of Have A Bad Day, a five or six disc Wormwood set (due around November, alongside a double LP reissue of the album), and an expanded Icky Flix collection (which was previously issued as a limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2020).
  • A mail-order series of limited edition vinyl releases of pREServed studio outtakes (such as 1-10 (With A Touch of 11), German Slide Music, X Is For Xtra, "extended drone experiments", and "multi-track explorations" of albums including The Third Reich 'n Roll and Commercial Album) is expected to commence at an unspecified date in the near future.
  • The American Composers Box, featuring the two American Composers albums and various contemporary material, is also expected for release at an unknown time in the near future. This set has been repeatedly delayed, due to rights issues surrounding "one key element" of the set which are still unresolved.

Triple Trouble

  • The Residents are in post-production on their feature film Triple Trouble, having completed shooting over ten days in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic with the assistance of long-time collaborator John Sanborn. The film is likely to be released at some point in 2021.
  • Triple Trouble will also be accompanied by a soundtrack album entitled Endless Illusions, which is currently being recorded by The Residents. The album is expected to be released alongside the film in 2021.

Duck Stab! Alive!

  • A streaming TV special, titled Duck Stab! Alive!, aired on Night Flight Plus as part of its 40th anniversary celebration on June 5th 2021. The special, directed by The Residents and John Sanborn, is a "super slick video concert" featuring all-new versions of the tracks from the 1978 album Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen. It also included a segment created from fan-made videos for a new version of "Constantinople". These fan videos were commissioned by The Residents as part of their I Am A Resident! 2021 campaign.
  • The special and its soundtrack will be released as a limited edition double 10" vinyl and DVD set on Grand Chess Records at an undisclosed time later in 2021.


Other releases

  • The Residents' second run of latex eyeball masks, manufactured by SikRik Masks, are now available to order on the MVD Shop for American customers only. International customers can instead order the masks directly from the manufacturer.
  • A second run of fifteen numbered copies of Jannis Tsakalis' Tourniquet of Roses collectors' box was announced on February 20th 2021. Alongside the boxes, Jannis is also releasing the Fingerprince colored vinyl and Babyfingers picture disc separately, as well as Tourniquet of Roses hand-puppets, shirts and mugs.
  • Jannis has also begun creating fur-lined boxes intended to house the single-sided Eskimo collectors' box test pressing discs which were sold through Ralph mail order in 1986. The Eskimo boxes are being made to order; each includes three hand-puppets and a copy of a 1986 Ralph Records letter about the cancelled box.
  • Two Residents releases were released at the end of March on Secret Records; Bunny Boy Live In Frankfurt (previously unreleased) on black marble vinyl, blue marble vinyl and CD, and a reissue of Ozark (never before released on vinyl) with new cover art on "doublemint/baby pink" or "swamp green/mustard with red splatter" colored vinyl.
  • The Charles Bobuck Residents cover album Bobuck Plays The Residents is expected to be reissued on Psychofon Records in the near future, in a special collectors' vinyl edition. The release will come in two variations; colored vinyl (100 copies) and multi-color splatter vinyl (73 hand-numbered copies).
  • Publisher Melodic Virtue are compiling material from The Cryptic Corporation archives for a hardcover coffee table book focusing on the art and history of The Residents. This book is currently expected to be released around the holiday season in 2021, but no further details have been confirmed as yet.

Upcoming live shows

Dog Stab!

Promotional image for Dog Stab! tour, 2020

Many of the previously announced April and May tour dates for The Residents' upcoming Dog Stab! tour have again been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cancelled April show at the Triple Door in Seattle has had a venue change to Fremont Abbey Arts Center. The show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona has also had a venue change to 191 Toole in Tucson. The three dates in San Francisco at the Chapel have been reduced to one date at the Rio in Santa Cruz.

The below information is current as of May 22nd 2021:

In addition, a set of European and British dates have been freshly announced to take place in January and February 2022:

God In 3 Persons Live!

The Residents and John Sanborn expect to bring their theatrical adaptation of the album God In Three Persons back out on the road in 2022, with an expanded set list featuring three additional songs not heard in the earlier performances.

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Buy Or Die!

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Hardy Winfred Fox Jr.

March 29 1945 - October 30 2018

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