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Welcome to Meet The Residents Wiki, an unofficial, fan-sourced guide and resource dedicated to North Louisiana's Phenomenal Pop Combo! For almost 50 years, The Residents have existed at the forefront of virtually every new technology in sound, video, performance and interactive media - all while operating under a veil of obscurity and anonymity.

Since January 29th 2017, this wiki (founded and maintained by members of the fan group The Mysterious Spanish Ladies) has aimed to build a comprehensive intertextual and encyclopedic historical resource and reference point on The Residents, sourced by and for fans, while also aiming to include details on The Cryptic Corporation, Ralph Records and other related entities.

Meet The Residents Wiki has been derived largely from the official and unofficial online sources listed below, as well as other reference texts, many more of which we hope to transcribe and make available to fans and Residents historians for decades or even centuries to come.

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Recent and upcoming releases

pREServed Phase Two

  • The most recent release in The Residents and Cherry Red Records ongoing pREServed archival reissue series is the nine-disc Wormwood Box, containing the original album as well as Roadworms, Wormwood: Live In Europe 1999, and over forty previously unreleased tracks, including two CDs of previously unheard demos and sketches and the 1998 Fillmore live performance. The box was released January 28th 2022, and will be followed by a double LP vinyl reissue of the original album on May 27th.
  • The next expected upcoming releases in the pREServed series include an expanded edition of Have A Bad Day and an expanded Icky Flix collection (which was previously issued as a limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2020).
  • A special Record Store Day double LP compilation, Warning: Uninc. - Live And Experimental Recordings 1971-1972, was released as part of the Record Store Day "April Drop" in Europe and Australia on April 23rd 2022, in an edition of 2000 copies. The compilation contains the Boarding House and Chris' Party live recordings, as well as the complete 1-10 (With A Touch of 11) album, previously excerpted on the Meet The Residents pREServed edition in 2018. The album is also expected to be part of a second "drop" in the US on June 18th.
  • A series of deluxe pREServed two and three LP editions of the "classic" 1970s era Residents albums, featuring previously unheard material, are expected to commence in 2022. These reissues are expected to include studio outtakes previously excerpted on the pREServed CD releases (such as German Slide Music, X Is For Xtra and a number of "extended drone experiments"), as well as "a series of brand new RDX suites", consisting of "multi-track explorations" derived from the original master tapes. A short "RDX Sampler" was released via Soundcloud alongside the announcement.
  • The American Composers Box, featuring the two American Composers albums and various contemporary material, is also expected for release at an unknown time in the near future. This set has been repeatedly delayed, due to rights issues surrounding "one key element" of the set which are still unresolved.

Triple Trouble

  • The Residents are nearing completion of their feature film Triple Trouble, having completed shooting over ten days in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 with the assistance of long-time collaborator John Sanborn. The film was said to be "ninety-eight to ninety-nine percent" complete, with only "a few little tiny post-production things still left to do" as of February.
  • Triple Trouble will also be accompanied by a soundtrack album of the same name, which is currently being finalized for release for an anticipated release on Cherry Red/MVD in June 2022.

50th Anniversary

  • The Residents are currently using the time afforded to them by the postponement of the Dog Stab! tour to put the finishing touches to a number of releases celebrating the group's 50th Anniversary in 2022. The nature of these releases have not yet been specified, but they are currently expected for release through Cherry Red Records and MVD Audio later in the year.
  • As their contribution to The Residents' 50th Anniversary celebrations, Secret Records have announced a reissue of the compilation Loss of the Lizard Lady (featuring Molly Harvey) on canary yellow and red swirled vinyl, in an edition of 200 copies. It was made available for sale on February 25th 2022.
  • Also available for pre-sale from Secret Records is a double LP compilation, Santa Dog 50th Anniversary Collection, containing the four tracks from the 1972 Santa Dog EP as well as every version of the titular song recorded by the group in the years since (similar to the 1999 compilation album Refused). The Santa Dog compilation is available in an edition of 350 hand-numbered copies on red and green splattered vinyl, and another 150 copies on "peppermint" white and red splattered vinyl. The album was released for digital download and streaming on the Secret Records Bandcamp page on the day of its announcement; the vinyl album is expected to ship in May.

A Sight For Sore Eyes

Duck Stab! Alive!

  • The Duck Stab! Alive! streaming TV special and its soundtrack were physically released as a limited edition double 10" vinyl and DVD box set by Grand Chess Records on December 10th 2021 (although a number of fans reported receiving their copies in the mail days before the official release date). The release is limited to 3000 copies.
  • Grand Chess Records have announced a second, even more limited edition of the Duck Stab! Alive! box set - 40 copies of the special on a VHS tape, alongside the 10" vinyl records supplied with the earlier edition. The VHS edition of Duck Stab! Alive! is available exclusively through Grand Chess' official website and is priced at 400 EUR. The videotape also includes two unspecified "Easter egg" extras from the Duck Stab! Alive! sessions, included on the tape as "analog NFT bootlegs".
  • On January 29th 2022, The Residents announced the release of a series of five limited NFTs (in editions of 10 each), featuring unique video art by John Sanborn derived from the Duck Stab! Alive! special; the first of the NFTs, "01 The Residents Blue" was available for sale at for $400 USD each. However, following a negative reaction from fans, the release was cancelled and all five NFTs were pulled from sale within days of the announcement.


  • The most recent entry in Klanggalerie's series of posthumous Hardy Fox releases, Ibbur (described as a "soundtrack" related to Fox's 2017 serial novella "The Stone"), was released on Klanggalerie on March 12th 2022, alongside a limited edition TOOK release only available through the Klanggalerie website, an album of Residents covers by Italian band Alieno de Bootes, titled Unconventional Residents; the two releases were available separately or in a bundle.
  • The 1979 Ralph Records various artists compilation Subterranean Modern was issued on CD for the first time ever by Klanggalerie on April 20th 2022. The album contains the Residents four-song suite "The Replacement" (featuring Fred Frith), as well as three songs each from Chrome, Tuxedomoon and MX-80 Sound.
  • A compilation of unreleased Hardy Fox material entitled Fragments & Failures was originally scheduled to be released on Klanggalerie in early 2021, but was delayed by the label in favor of the Charles Bobuck compilation Oddities 2013-2015. Fragments & Failures is still expected for release, but no date has been announced.

Other releases

  • Psychic, an album by Ralph America's Dren McDonald (as Polyhedren) was released on April 29th 2022.The Residents and drummer Josh Freese are featured on the track "Sixteen Gold Candles". The album was released to crowdfund participants on March 15th on CD and LP. A music video for the song was released the same day.
  • The Residents' second run of latex eyeball masks, manufactured by SikRik Masks, are now entirely sold out via the MVD Shop. Blue, green and red masks are still available directly from the manufacturer; however, all international shipping has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-related postal complications.
  • German DIY label MINIMALKOMBINAT released a split 12" vinyl LP featuring The Residents' "Holy Kiss of Flesh" on Side A, with a suite of tracks by German-American group Doc Wör Mirran on side B (titled "Songs For Nambia"); the split LP was released on January 27th 2022 in two limited editions, one on pink marbled vinyl (limited to 111 hand-numbered copies) and another edition of 46 copies on transparent, liquid filled vinyl. A test pressing was also sold in an edition of 25 copies.

Upcoming live shows

God In 3 Persons - Live!

2020 God In 3 Persons live promo poster

The latest performance of The Residents' God In 3 Persons - Live! has been announced to take place on June 18th. This wlll be a one-off performance at The Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. A European version of the show was originally being planned for summer 2022, however (according to Homer Flynn) "the plague gods have not co-operated", and no dates have yet been confirmed.

Like the May performances of the show, this will be the "final, definitive version", featuring all songs from the original album (including three which were excised from the January 2020 performances).

Dog Stab!

Promotional image for Dog Stab! tour, 2020

After having been delayed repeatedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Residents' Dog Stab! tour finally commenced on September 15th 2021, with three American shows (at the Regent in Los Angeles, the Castro in San Francisco on the 17th, and the Rio in Santa Cruz on the 18th) going ahead as scheduled.

The tour was then scheduled to continue in Europe and the United Kingdom in January and February 2022, however this leg of the tour was delayed by 12 months in December 2021 due to increasing COVID restrictions. The following European tour dates are current as of January 24th 2022:

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Hardy Winfred Fox Jr.

March 29 1945 - October 30 2018

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