Migration is a three-part suite of tracks from The Residents' Mark Of The Mole album.


The suite is told mostly from the perspective of The Moles as they leave their home in the tunnels, towards the vast ocean for another land. As they march, the perspective changes to that of an old mole, who warns that their shortsighted behaviour won't lead to any good.


  1. March To The Sea
  2. The Observer
  3. Hole-Workers' New Hymn


The Moles: We are rising as the sun retreats into the trees;
We're thinking of our destination as we start to leave;
We're marching to the sea, marching to the sea.
Smiling from the gentle touches of the evening breeze;
No one is unhappy now and no one is fatigued;
We're marching to the sea, marching to the sea.
The Observer: I'm a tired old man in a tired old land
Watching shadows moving across the sand;
Now they move at night and I understand
That they cannot see more than they can stand.
I have been deceived, I have murdered and
I have seen the soul of an unborn lamb;
It can burn a hole in a guilty man,
But it cannot stand in a distant land.
The Moles: We have left our lives, we have left our land,
We have left behind all we understand,
Now we must cry out, yes we must demand --
Let my children live in a land that's low,
Where the holes are deeper than light can go;
Let them have not pride but instead a soul
That can see the shame of the hands that glow.

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