Mole Show: Live In Holland is a live album by The Residents, recorded on the group's Mole Show tour on June 4th 1983 at the Music Centre in Utrecht and released by the group in 1989 on Torso.

The album features narration from the group's friend and occasional collaborator Penn Jillette.

Track listing

  1. Voices Of The Air (3:05)
  2. The Secret Seed (2:10)
  3. Narration (1:33)
  4. The Ultimate Disaster (5:12)
  5. Narration (0:56)
  6. God Of Darkness (2:33)
  7. Narration (1:12)
  8. Migration (7:54)
  9. Narration (0:41)
  10. Smack Your Lips (3:55)
  11. Narration (0:58)
  12. Another Land (4:20)
  13. Narration (0:58)
  14. The New Machine (7:01)
  15. Narration (0:57)
  16. Call Of The Wild (3:20)
  17. Final Confrontation (7:38)
  18. Narration (2:00)
  19. Satisfaction (3:00)
  20. Happy Home (4:18)

Diary Entry

The Residents website hosts a Diary written by The Residents during The Mole Show. The entry for this show follows.

"Utrecht--out of Germany and into Holland, land of pretty people, pretty flowers and good weather again. The theatre, the Musicentre, was an elegantly modern monster, grey concrete on the outside and red soft in the centre, and existing in complete contrast to the concept of quaint, an idea that could have originated in the charming shops and canals of the town itself. For a change, even the hotel was nice and only 200-300 yards from the theatre." - The Residents

Dating Error

The original release states this was recorded on June 6th 1983. But according to The Residents Official Website, they actually performed in Holland on the 4th


Written & Performed By The Residents

Presented By: The Music Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Recorded By: NOS for VPRO Radio.

Mixed At: VARA Studio 8

Mixed By: Gert de Bruyn, Richard Zeilstra & The Residents

Recording Supervised By: Richard Zeilstra

Produced By: The Cryptic Corporation

Designed By: Pornographics & Rex Ray

All songs published by: Pale Pachyderm Publishing

(C) + (P): The Cryptic Corporation

Release History

In Holland it was released by Torso, and in US it was distributed by ESD.

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