The Mole Show, (AKA The Mole Bag & The Mole DVD), was a limited edition box-set released by Ralph America, containing a DVD of The Mole Show, and a CD of a radio special hosted by Triple J in 1982.


The Mole Bag is considered one of the most expensive and rare Residents items released in recent years, released in a limited quantity of 400, with original copies going for nearly $300.

The box-set contained a DVD, a CD, 12 Post-Cards, and a miniature shovel.

The DVD was filmed at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco, California during their two shows there from October 26th to the 27th.

Only three of the Mole Show's were filmed professionally, The Kabuki Show (October 26-27, 1982), A show at Le Edad De Oro, Madrid which was filmed for television (June 21, 1983) and the Uncle Sam Mole Show, (October 7, 1983) These three films were combined together to create the Mole VHS, but only the Kabuiki Show has been released on it's own.

Of the three filmed Mole Shows, this is the only one to feature Penn Jilette.

Post Ralph America's collapse, a second unreleased pressing of The Mole Bag was released.

The film is One Hour and Eight minutes long.

Ralph America Website Notes

"ALMOST GONE! This is limited to 400 pieces (only 350 made available for purchase), all numbered, each set comes with 12 postcards (5.5" x8.5") with backdrop drawings from the show (6 mole and 6 chub), a miniature shovel (digging not recommended), a chipboard digipak featuring a CD with the Australian radio special (70 minutes) and a single camera DVD of the uninterrupted live MOLESHOW, filmed at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco. All wrapped up in a printed, drawstring burlap bag.
The video quality is from a single VHS camera back in the early 80's, which is probably a notch or two (or three) under a flip video camera. Audience sound as well. So think of it as yer own lo-fi time travel accessory...peeking thru a rip in the fabric of time, thru a hole in the wall of the theater. So DO NOT expect a high production release - there's not even a menu, just push and play for the gritty Mole reality. The CD is a REAL gem, featuring music and interviews with the Cryptic Corp during the days of the 444 Grove St. warehouse just before the Moleshow tour. A lot of talk of how the 'music industry is changing' and that no one is buying music anymore...back in 1982.
If you are a low number subscriber, please choose that option after clicking the link to buy. The discs are NOT cdr or dvdr, but standard replicated discs, if that is important to you."


JJJ 105.7 Radio Show CD is a special edition CD released with the Mole Bag, it contains the entirety of a rare 10th Anniversary Radio Special produced by Triple J Radio.

Track Listing

  1. JJJ 105.7 Radio Show
    1. Part One (13:57)
    2. Part Two (8:25)
    3. Part Three (17:12)
    4. Part Four (14:39)
    5. Part Five (9:26)
    6. Part Six (14:54)

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