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Mole Suite is an EP by The Residents, released digitally via the group's Robot Selling Device on September 1st 2011.

Mole Suite features a selection of instrumentals which are thought to date from around 1990, when The Residents briefly decided to revisit the themes of their unfinished six-part Mole Trilogy series, for reasons which have never been explained in detail.


Mole Suite contains pieces of music which have often been thought to originate from sessions for the unfinished Part Three of The Residents' incomplete Mole Trilogy project. The suite is mostly comprised of instrumental pieces which feature melodic motifs from the earlier instalments of the trilogy.

Despite this, the pieces of music comprising the Mole Suite were evidently recorded later than the sessions for the incomplete third part of the trilogy, which are thought to have taken place in the mid-1980s.

Further confusing the issue, "Tired Old Man" was said by Hardy Fox to be an unrelated piece which was given this name by the group as a kind of in-joke, and "Marching To The We" would later feature in a short sequence of tracks on the sixth disc of the 2019 compilation Mole Box which the liner notes claim "may or may not" originate from the sessions for the third instalment in the trilogy.

Only two pieces of the suite are known to have been released previously: "Tired Old Man" (previously featured on Best Left Unspoken... Volume 1 in 2006) and "Marching To The We", previously released as part of the free MP3 download series Summer Tunes in June 2008). Aside from "Marching To The We", none of the remaining pieces included in the suite appear on Mole Box.

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  1. Mole Suite (16:29)

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