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MVD Entertainment Group is an American video and music distributor, founded in 1986 in Oaks, Pennsylvania as Music Video Distributors. Initially specializing in the distribution of music videos, the company later expanded operations and became MVD Entertainment Group, with a record label, MVD Audio, and a music video imprint, MVD Visual.

From 2003 to 2005 MVD acted as The Residents' DVD distributor. Beginning in 2008 MVD began reissuing the group's mainline catalog in the US.

Following the retirement of Hardy Fox and sale of his fifty percent share in The Cryptic Corporation in 2016, MVD became part-owners of Cryptic alongside Cherry Red Records and sole remaining founder (and "Captain Doc" of the company) Homer Flynn.

In 2017, Cryptic began a sub-label, New Ralph Too, to handle MVD and Cherry Red's Residents releases.

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