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New! Ralph Too is a record label co-owned by The Cryptic Corporation, Cherry Red Records and MVD Audio, created specifically for The Residents' releases on Cherry Red.

The label has been credited on every instalment in the pREServed series of reissues to date.


Ralph Records was founded in 1972 by Residents, Uninc., to handle the release of their debut EP Santa Dog. Operation of the label was taken over by The Cryptic Corporation in July 1976. From 1984 until it ceased operations in 1990, Ralph was operated by Tom Timony. During Timony's run, he unofficially retitled the label NewRalph.

On October 13th 2017, The Cryptic Corporation (now co-owned and operated by Homer Flynn, Cherry Red Records and MVD Audio) officially revived Ralph as New! Ralph Too, to feature on The Residents' releases via Cherry Red and MVD. This began with the box set compilation 80 Aching Orphans and continued with the ongoing pREServed series of expanded and remastered reissues.

New! Ralph Too is a regular participant in Record Store Day, having so far released RSD-exclusive material over three consecutive years (The W***** B*** Album in 2018, B.S. in 2019, and the complete Icky Flix soundtrack in 2020).


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