"The Act of Being Polite"

One Minute Movies is a 1980 short film by The Residents with Graeme Whifler, released in promotion of The Commercial Album and featuring four of its tracks, "Moisture", "The Act of Being Polite", "Perfect Love" and "The Simple Song".

History Edit

When The Commercial Album was released in 1980, Phonogram and Celluloid Records financed the production of four short videos with which to promote the album in Europe. With a good solid budget The Residents hired their long-time collaborator Graeme Whifler to direct short clips for "Moisture" and "The Simple Song", and directed another two themselves, "The Act of Being Polite" and "Perfect Love".

As MTV was in its infancy at the time of the short film's release, these four clips often received rotation, despite the decidedly avant-garde nature of the music, as there was little else available in the realm of music video at that time. Along with The Residents' other early short films and their entire discography, One Minute Movies is held by the Museum of Modern Art.

In 2004 this concept was expanded and The Residents took commissions for new "one minute movies" from a number of independent directors, resulting in the release of The Commercial DVD.

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