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The pREServed series is a campaign of expanded and remastered re-issues of The Residents' discography via Cherry Red Records, MVD Audio and New Ralph Too (as well as Solid Records in Japan). The series is notable for the release of a large amount of previously unreleased and seemingly forgotten material from The Residents' archives.

The pREServed campaign began in January 2018 with the release of two-disc editions of Meet The Residents and The Third Reich 'n Roll, and continues to the present day, with the most recent release being the nine-disc Wormwood Box in January 2022.


The pREServed campaign was conceived in 2017 jointly by Homer Flynn (current President of The Cryptic Corporation) with The Residents and a Cherry Red Records employee known only as The Residents' Mysterious Archivist.[1] It is in some ways a continuation of the short lived ERA series of compilations which the group had intended to release online through their Robot Selling Device in 2012 (of which only one instalment, ERA B474, was ultimately released), but the general concept has precedent stretching back as far as the early Classic Series CD reissues of the group's albums in the late 1980s.

The series began in earnest following the retirement of then-President Hardy Fox from The Cryptic Corporation, when Fox had sold his share of The Cryptic Corporation to Cherry Red and MVD Audio and sent The Residents their vast archives of tapes and recorded material which he had previously overseen. The Residents' receipt of these archives led them to revisit old material which they had long forgotten, which caused them to become reflective and to want to look backwards for the first time proper.[1]

The pREServed series is ultimately intended to represent a comprehensive (if not necessarily complete) "preservation" of the vast discography of The Residents. Each major release in the series contains detailed liner notes and a considerable amount of previously unknown and unheard bonus material relevant to that time period. Most releases have been issued in roughly chronological order, although some releases have been issued well outside of their chronological order due to extenuating circumstances or by will of The Residents (ie. Not Available, A Nickle If Your Dick's This Big, The American Composers Box).

The pREServed campaign has also included three special vinyl releases (to date) on Record Store Day, including the first official release of the group's long unreleased 1971 demo tapes The W****** B*** Album and B.S., in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and the first release of the complete Icky Flix soundtrack as a double LP set in 2020. A semi-limited double LP and CD set, Eskimo Deconstructed, was also released in May 2019.

The first phase of the pREServed release campaign began in January 2018 with the release of two-disc sets of Meet The Residents and The Third Reich 'n Roll, and concluded in November 2019 with the release of a two-disc set of early recordings entitled A Nickle If Your Dick’s This Big, and an expanded reissue of Not Available containing a second disc of previously unreleased session tapes.

The second phase of the campaign began in August 2019 with the release of a three-disc God In Three Persons set, followed by the seven-disc Cube-E Box in October, three-disc Freak Show and Gingerbread Man sets in February and May 2021 respectively, and the nine-disc Wormwood Box in January 2022.

Delayed releases

In homage to the Theory of Obscurity which guided its creation, the group's second album Not Available was not made available for the first two years of the pREServed campaign, though it was listed as part of the series in the liner notes to Eskimo and Commercial Album (albeit crossed out) and had even been designated a catalogue number, NRT007. The pREServed edition of Not Available was finally released in November 2019, alongside the 1971-1972 compilation set A Nickle If Your Dick's This Big.

The American Composers Box was originally expected for release around 2019, but has been repeatedly delayed, initially due to trouble the group were having in finding one unspecified element within the archives, and later due to rights issues surrounding "one key element" of the set.[2] A release date has still not been announced for this collection as the rights issues have not yet been resolved.


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