The Party of '72 was a performance by the group who would later become known as The Residents. The performance took place at a private party in Redwood, California at an unknown date in 1972.

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Of the recorded early live performances by the group, the Party of '72 is the least known to fans, as it has only been fleetingly mentioned in timelines of the group's history and nothing more is presently known about the performance other than these brief references.

It is presumed that The Residents do not consider this to be a successful performance, in that relatively few artifacts of it have emerged through their career, and they were not known to perform again until their Oh Mummy! performance in 1976.

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No footage, photos or audio of this event has been released to date. If such documents still exist in The Cryptic Corporation archives, they are expected to feature on an upcoming pREServed set of the group's early work, along with the group's other unheard early performances.

A version of "Eloise" features on the UWEB Liver Music compilation album under the title "Excerpt - Party of '72", but this same snippet was re-released in 2012 on the ERA B474 compilation as "Party of '71", and was thus possibly erroneously credited as originating from this performance on the earlier release.

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