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Penn Fraser Jillette (born March 5th 1955) is an American magician, actor, musician, inventor, television personality, and best-selling author best known for his work with fellow magician Teller as half of the team Penn & Teller. Jillette serves as the act's orator and raconteur.

He has been associated with The Residents and their record company Ralph since the early 1980s, featuring on multiple releases over the years, as well as emceeing many performances in the group's 1983 Mole Show tour.

History with The Residents

Jillette first featured on a Ralph Records release in 1982, on the promotional release Ralph Records 10th Anniversary Special! For this release, Jillette was locked in a hotel room for a number of days with only the entire Ralph catalog to listen to. The album presents his frustrations and musings upon listening to the music.

He would later appear with The Residents in 1983 as the emcee for most dates on the group's first performance tour The Mole Show. Jillette and his partner Teller also co-hosted the 1990 documentary video The Eyes Scream.


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