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Perfect Love is a song written and recorded by The Residents in 1980 for The Commercial Album.


The song first featured on The Commercial Album, and was selected for inclusion on The Residents & Graeme Whifler's short film "One Minute Movies."

The music video features an old man watching a film on his bed, when it is interrupted by a puppet show featuring The Residents, they sing the song, and the man is blown off his mattress onto his wall, with his arm stuck behind a painting of a woman. The finally shot is of him sitting on the wall, looking at the painting sadly.

The first re-working of the song was in 1992, when it's (Slightly Changed) lyrics were used as the outro to the track 'Perfect Goat'

The song was mostly untouched by The Residents until 2001, when it was re-recorded for their DVD 'Icky Flix', and performed on the subsequent tour.

In 2004, a second music video for the song was produced by John Payson, for inclusion in the Commercial DVD.

This music video features an animated heart with legs and pubic hair, walking through a city, before menstruating on a wall.


Original Version

There's something I must tell you
There's something I must say
The only really perfect love
Is one that gets away

'Perfect Goat' Version

There's Something I must tell you, 
There's Something I must share
The Only Really Perfect Love
Is one that isn't there.



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