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Picnic Boy is a song from The Residents' Commercial Album.


As the song was written for the 1980 'Commercial Album', it is exactly one minute long. It had been long rumored that Lene Lovich performed lead vocals on the tracks. These rumors were somewhat confirmed with the 2004 release of the CD, in which she was credited as a guest musician, but not as performing on this song specifically.

It was first performed live on October 31st, 1998, as the encore to the first Wormwood Show. This version featured Molly Harvey on lead vocals and is only available on bootlegs of the concert.

In 2004, two official music videos of the song were produced for the Commercial DVD. The first of which, directed by The Residents', featured an animatronic toy skeleton singing the lyrics over an image of a fat man in a diaper. During the guitar solo, the image of the man is puppeteered to dance. The second of which, directed by Eric Nordhauser, features more puppeteered images of people and depicts an anthropomorphic cat living with the picnic boy in an apartment which is, surrounded by violent children. The cat sends the boy out and drives away, whilst the boy is stabbed to death by the children.

For the 2018 'I Am A Resident!' bonus disc, two versions of Picnic Boy were created, one by Dr. Fritz Rotwang, and another by The Beaches.


She called my friend a picnic boy
I never could stand that
Oh she called my friend a picnic boy
And said he was too fat.
I left her in the early morning
Looking at the rain
I found I could not take the pressure
So I took the train.



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