Please Do Not Steal It! is a promotional compilation album by The Residents, released in 1979 by Ralph Records to radio stations across the United States. It was later released commercially in Europe and Australia under the name Nibbles later in the same year.

Track listing Edit

  1. You Yesyesyes
  2. Santa Dog '78
  3. Gloria
  4. Rest Aria (excerpt)
  5. Semolina
  6. The Spot (by Snakefinger)
  7. Never Known Questions (excerpt)
  8. Constantinople
  9. Laughing Song
  10. The Making Of A Soul (excerpt)
  11. Skratz
  12. Good Lovin'
  13. Blue Rosebuds
  14. Six Things To A Cycle (excerpt)
  15. The Electrocutioner