Porno Graphics (also known as Pore No Graphics, Paw No Graphics, Poor Know Graphics, Poor Know Graphix, Poor No Graphics, Poorknow Graphics, Poorno Graphics, Pore Know Grafix, Pore Know Graphics, Pore Know-Graphics, Pore No Graffix, Pore No Graphic, Pore Pachyderm No Graphics, Pore-Know Graphics, Pore-No Graphics, Pore-No-Graphics, Poreknow Graphics, Porn Know Graphics, Pornknow Graphics, Porno, Porno Graphics, Porno/Graphics, PornoGrafix, Pornographics, Pornographiks, Pornoknow Graphics, Pornoknow Graphics, Pour No Graphics, Punographics, Punographics Ltd.) is the design arm of The Cryptic Corporation, headed by Homer Flynn since 1971.