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Ralph America is a record label that released Residents material which formed in 1993 and closed in 2010, it is a reincarnation of Ralph Records.


Ralph America was a sublabel and reformation of Ralph Records, which had been out of business for four years. It was also formed as an American counterpart to Euro Ralph, which had been formed the year before. Although initially formed in 1993, it wasn't until 1997 began to release consistently.

Unlike Euro Ralph, which acted as The Residents' main European record label (as Torso had previously been), Ralph America's role within The Residents' ecosystem was closer to that of UWEB, providing rare Residents recordings via mail order, which may have been of interest to fans, but not to the typical consumer.

Ralph America's final release was Dollar General in 2010. With the rise of internet downloads, The Cryptic Corporation began to release would be Ralph America content through it's own Bandcamp page, The Ralphlet Outlet.

Residents Releases

Year Name Cat Number Notes
1993 Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide To The Residents  CD RZ 9302 Compilation
1994 Freak Show CD-ROM Video Tour R082 VHS
1997 Pollex Christi RA001
1998 Live At The Fillmore  RA002
Ralph Records 10th Anniversary Radio Special! RA003 Re-release
Title In Limbo RA004 Re-release
1999 Land Of Mystery RA005 Compilation
Refused RA006 Compilation
Wormwood Live 1999 RA007
2000 Assorted Secrets RA008 Special Edition
Dot Com RA009
2001 Roosevelt 2.0 RA010 Compilation,


High Horses RA011
2002 Eat Exuding Oinks! Ralph Records' 1977 Radio Special RA012 Re-release
Demons Dance Alone ‎ RA013 Special Edition
2003 Freak Show RA014 Special Edition
Demons Dance Alone: Director's Cut RA015 DVD
2004 Disfigured Night RA016 DVD
The 12 Days Of Brumalia RA017
I Murdered Mommy! RA018
2005 The Way We Were RA019
2006 Cube-E HSV 29682A/B/C

(RA020, RA021)

Best Left Unspoken... Volume One: Pollex Christi And Other Selections RA022 Compilation
2007 Best Left Unspoken... Volume Two: High Horses And Other Selections RA023 Compliation
Best Left Unspoken... Volume Three: For Elsie And Other Selections ‎ RA024 Compliation
Night Of The Hunters  RA025
The Sandman Waits 
2008 Animal Lover Instrumental RA026
Smell My Picture RA027
Postcards From Patmos RA028
2009 Icky Flix Live  RA029
Mole Show DVD Bag Set RA030
2010 Dollar General (One Lost Night In Van Horn, Texas) RA4924