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Randy's Ghost Stories is a film by The Residents, released in 2010.


The film is an adaptation of The Residents' 2010 live show, Talking Light, and features 10 short films written by The Residents.

Each segment is a performance of a monologue about death or ghosts, all written by The Residents.

The film was released on DVD on November 3rd, 2010, when it was first sold at the merchandise stand of Talking Light shows. The original version featured a mixing error, as Gerri Lawlor's monologue for The Unseen Sister was missing from the final mix, leaving only the instrumental backing track audible. In December of 2010, a corrected version was issued through Amazon's CreateSpace. This was pressed on a low-quality DVDR.

In March of 2011, a high-quality DVD version featuring corrected mixing and a bonus easter egg of a 1985 performance of 'Hop A Little', was sold through MVD.

The soundtrack to the film, Chuck's Ghost Music, was released in January of 2011. 'Mutts With Mustaches' features the instrumental for Isolation from Tweedles / Tabasco.


  1. Talking Light
  2. Perchance To Dream - Ft. Molly Harvey
  3. The Sleepwalker - Ft.  Adan Faudoa
  4. Ghost Snake
  5. Florence - Ft. Isabelle Barbier
  6. Milton
  7. Pudding In Disguise - Ft.  Adan Faudoa
  8. The Unseen Sister - Ft. Gerri Lawlor
  9. Walking Women
  10. Mutts With Mustaches
  11. Hop A Little - Live 1985*

*Easter Egg available only on 2011 MVD pressing.


Stories & Music By The Residents

Video By The Residents

The Unseen Sister By Bill Domonkos

Ghost Snake By John Sanborn

Stories Performed By The Residents

Perchance To Dream Performed By Molly Harvey

The Sleepwalker & Pudding In Disguise Performed By Adan Faudoa

The Unseen Sister Performed By Gerri Lawlor

Florence Performed By Isabelle Barbier

Produced By: The Cryptic Corporation