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Red Rider is a track from The Residents' Commercial Album.


The song tells the simple story of a girl with red hair, riding into a storm.

It was recorded in 1980 for The Commercial Album, it was one of the songs released on the 7" Commercial Single.

From 1985 to 1987, was performed as part of the 13th Anniversary Show.

The music video for the song was made for the 2004 Commercial DVD, and expands the story, showing the rider as a young girl, running away from her father who's obsessed with air travel, she rides into a storm, which sends her into the air.

In 2005 the song was performed live by The Residents, with Molly Harvey on lead vocals.


  • Studio Version (1:00)
  • 13th Anniversary Version (2 Minutes)
  • 2005 Live Version