Refused is a 1999 compilation album by The Residents, featuring all recorded iterations of the track "Fire" (or "Santa Dog") to date, and other tracks related to their debut 1972 EP Santa Dog.

The title and cover art are a reference to a copy of the EP the group sent to then-President of the United States Richard Nixon at the White House, which was returned unopened and marked "refused".

Track listing Edit

  1. Santa Dog '84 (Unfinished) (A Work In Progress)
  2. Fire
  3. Lightning
  4. Explosion
  5. Aircraft Damage
  6. Flood
  7. Santa Dog '78 (Fire)
  8. Famine
  9. Santa Dog '88
  10. Plague
  11. Santa Dog NYE (Live)
  12. Pestilence
  13. Where Are Your Dogs? Show Us Your Ugly!
  14. Fire '99 / Santa Dog 2nd Millennium

Original "Santa Dog" photo from 20 Sycamore Street

Liner notes Edit

The Pilgrimage of Santa Dog through the Second Millennium Edit

The Residents have always been sentamentalists. They were big on family and friends, religious holidays and the American flag. No one should have been surprised that their very first recording was dedicated to Santa and dogs, two mainstays of modern American culture.

Many folks thought Santa Dog was just a big joke when they received their shiny copy in the mail way back in 1972. Some tore them up trying to open them because their shiny copy was still wet with varnish and permanently stuck together. Others greeted them with seasonal cheer and then tossed them out with the other cards and wrapping paper on December 26th. One was even refused.

Santa Dog doesn't care. He comes without presents again and again: 1978, almost in 1984, 1988, 1992, and now, 1999. When will he be back, we all ask, wide-eyed, expectant with sugar plum visions? Only the future nose, my children, and it is wet and cold.

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