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Renaldo & The Loaf are an English musical duo, consisting of a pathologist (David Janssen or "Ted the Loaf") and an architect (Brian Poole or "Renaldo Malpractice", most often simply "Renaldo M").

Active from late 1977 until 1988, they were "discovered" by The Residents when Poole dropped off a tape at Ralph Records headquarters in San Francisco during a visit to America. After being signed to Ralph, they released Songs for Swinging Larvae in 1981 and collaborated with The Residents on the album Title In Limbo, recording it between two visits in 1981 and 1983. In their first period of activity, they recorded four studio albums as well as numerous demos.

Since reuniting in 2006, the duo have produced one new studio album, Gurdy Hurding, a number of singles and tracks for compilations, as well as issuing expanded two-disc editions of their back catalog on Klanggalerie, and recording their first live album at an appearance in Vienna in 2018.


Renaldo & The Loaf recorded Play Struve and Sneff in 1979, and had been distributing it, on demand, on home-made cassette tapes ever since; Ralph Records issued a remastered version in 1984.

By their own assertion, Renaldo & The Loaf achieved their unique sound in part by striving to get unnatural synthesizer-like sounds using only what instruments they had available (acoustic ones). To that end, they routinely used muffled and de-tuned instruments, and, often to striking effect, tape loops and manipulation.

Songs for Swinging Larvae was released in 1981 on Ralph. Aside from its unusual instrumental arrangements, the album's lyrics were taken from disparate sources, such as Sherlock Holmes stories and Samuel Beckett's Endgame. Graeme Whifler and The Residents co-directed a short video, accompanied by a medley of music from the album. This video was banned from television and film festivals due to its controversial nature. Songs for Swinging Larvae was followed in 1982 by Arabic Yodelling.

Renaldo & The Loaf, 1980

As the 1980s advanced, the duo found it increasingly difficult to complete projects, and they both had demanding day jobs and family lives. Some Bizarre Records' involvement injected enough motivation for the completion of The Elbow is Taboo in 1987, with a shift to a more refined electronic sound, but the process had been less than rewarding.

By 1988, the collaboration had lost its steam, and the duo disbanded. Brian Poole/Renaldo contributed to sporadic recordings in the 1990s. David Janssen returned to composing music in 2006 as The Darkening Scale. His catalog also includes three full length albums with Sylvie Wilder under the name The Tapeworm Vessel, and occasional ambient releases as Lightness Ascending.

Upon the launch of the new Renaldo & The Loaf website in 2006, the duo were reunited for the first time in the better part of two decades. In 2007, they supplied three new songs for the soundtrack to the film Kirk Mannican's Liberty Mix.

Their first album in 29 years, entitled Gurdy Hurding, was released on Klanggalerie on October 25th 2016. Their back catalog was reissued on Klanggalerie shortly thereafter in an expansive campaign, with each album featuring a bonus disc full of (mostly previously unreleased) demos, experiments, interludes, and reworked versions.

The duo performed live for the first time since the early 1980s in June 2018 at the Klanggalerie 25th Anniversary event in Vienna. This performance was recorded and released in November as Long Time Coming.

They released two digital-only singles via Bandcamp in 2020, a reworked version of "Hambu Hodo" renamed "Hambu Lodo" and "Hair Apparent". In December the 1980 Brain Boosters Records compilation South Specific was reissued in a three disc edition featuring two new songs, "Blue Mountain Goat" and "Now Then", alongside "A Medical Man", "Bali Whine" and "Scottish Shuffle" which featured on the original release. This was followed by another digital-only release, Promos 1980, which includes the two demo tapes sent to Ralph Records prior to their signing.

In May 2021 Klanggalerie will release a compilation/remix album entitled Hardly Gurning While The World Is Turning, featuring the title track (previously released on the vinyl edition of Gurdy Hurding) and 12 remixes of Gurdy Hurding tracks by The Residents, Alex Wroten, Eric Drew Feldman, Nolan Cook, Section 25, Andrew Liles, TransGlobal Underground, Cult With No Name, Axon Welter, Eric Random and Pita.



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