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The Robot Selling Device (commonly abbreviated as RSD, also known as Ralph Sells Downloads; not to be mistaken with Record Store Day) was a download service active between 2009 and 2013 which released a large number of otherwise out-of-print or unreleased music by The Residents (and later, Charles Bobuck).

It was operated through the now-defunct platform DownloadCentric.


The Robot Selling Device was launched in the Summer of 2009 as an affordable means of releasing long out of print releases by The Residents, as well as most of their regular album catalog (and, beginning in 2012, releases by the group's keyboardist and lead composer Charles Bobuck). It was operated on behalf of The Cryptic Corporation by DownloadCentric Corporation in North America and DownloadCentric Ltd. in Europe.

The Robot Selling Device followed the earlier Ralph America series of limited edition CD releases, eL Ralpho Archive, and similarly featured exclusive rare, live, unreleased and out-of-print tracks. The RSD was to be the intended home of the ill-fated "ERA" reissue campaign attempted by The Residents in 2012 (which ultimately developed into the later pREServed reissue series).

The store closed permanently in October 2013, but was officially defunct as of April 16th 2013.

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