Rushing Like A Banshee is a 2016 7" single by The Residents, in support of their 2017 album The Ghost of Hope.

The single was co-produced by Eric Drew Feldman and was released by Psychofon Records.


Following the end of the Shadowland tour in 2016 and the retirement of long-time composer Charles Bobuck and producer Hardy Fox, The Residents regrouped and came up with The Ghost of Hope, a concept album detailing the dangers of train travel through historically accurate examples.

To support the release of this album in 2017, the group released Rushing Like A Banshee on Psychofon Records in a variety of special limited editions, including an objet d'art train wheel edition.

The title track is an excerpt from the album track "Death Harvest", but the B-side "Train vs Elephant" is only included on the CD version of the album as a bonus track.

The single features Nolan Cook on guitar, Carla Fabrizio on backing vocals, and Eric Drew Feldman on keyboards, bass and computer.


  1. Rushing Like A Banshee
  2. Train vs Elephant


Produced By: The Residents & Eric Drew Feldman

Eric Drew Feldman: Keyboards, Bass & Computers

Nolan Cook: Guitars

Carla Fabrizio: Backing Vocals

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