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Sam's Enchanted Evening (Original Demos) is a series of digital releases by Randy Rose, lead singer of The Residents. The five tracks were first leaked by Rose himself to the fan Tumblr blog Diskomo between October 27th and November 23rd 2011.

The demos follow the 2010 release of a live, work-in-progress version of the show, entitled So Long Sam. The five tracks are the first releases to be credited solely to Rose.


The five tracks are demos from Randy Rose's one-man cabaret performance Sam's Enchanted Evening, which he performed in Berkeley, California and New York City between October 2011 and March 2012.

This show followed an earlier work-in-progress version of the show, entitled So Long Sam, which was a one-off performance by The Residents (with a small string orchestra), held at Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive on June 4th 2010.

In order of release, the tracks are "Paint It Black (Mix 2)" (leaked October 27th 2011), "Ring Of Fire (Single Mix)" (leaked November 1st 2011), "Who Do You Love (Single Mix)" (leaked November 11th 2021), "Ode To Billy Joe (Single Mix)" (leaked November 21st 2011) and "Mack The Knife (Single Mix)" (leaked November 23rd 2011).

The studio-recorded demos feature notably different arrangements of the songs than are heard in the final version of the show. Rose mentioned in the information he sent to the Diskomo blog that the demos were "not the way we actually perform it in the show", noting that "Paint It Black" is much more intense in its live arrangement.

Track listing

  • Paint It Black (Mix 2) (Jagger/Richards) (3:34)
  • Ring of Fire (Single Mix) (Cash/Kilgore) (2:29)
  • Who Do You Love (Single Mix) (McDaniel) (3:08)
  • Ode To Billy Joe (Single Mix) (Gentry) (5:19)
  • Mack The Knife (Single Mix) (Weill/Brecht) (4:20)

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