Original "Santa Dog" photo

"Santa Dog '84" is an unfinished single by The Residents, recorded in 1984 as a new iteration of the track "Fire" (aka "Santa Dog") from their debut EP. While never completed, it remains as an unfinished "work in progress" and first saw release with the next completed attempt at re-recording "Fire", in 1988.

History Edit

The Residents had intended to record a new version of "Fire" in 1984, as it had been six years since the previous Santa Dog '78, which was six years after the initial Santa Dog EP, and began to record the instrumental backing track for this new version of the track.

However, part-way through production of the new single, The Residents concluded that a new version of "Fire" should only be recorded when the band changes outlook or style, rather than simply every six years. The incomplete "Santa Dog '84" single was scrapped, though some parts were later salvaged for use in For Elsie.

The complete unfinished "Santa Dog '84" appears on the Santa Dog 88 EP, and on the 1999 compilation Refused.

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