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Santa Dog '92 is a single released by The Residents in January 1993, it was sent out to UWEB members as a farewell gift. It is the longest version of Santa Dog. It's more commonly referred to as "Where Are Your Dogs? Show Us Your Ugly!"


It's By: Them!

Art By: Porno

(C) + (P) The Cryptic Corp!

Appears On

Santa Dog '92 (1993)

Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide To The Residents (1993)

Refused (1999)

Meet The Residents (2009)

See Also


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Santa Dog 88

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Santadog-sml-transparent.png Santa Dog

Side A: "Fire" by Ivory and the Brain Eaters · Side B: "Explosion" by The Delta Nudes
Side C: "Lightning" by The College Walkers · Side D: "Aircraft Damage" by Arf and Omega feat. The Singing Lawn Chairs

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