Barry "Schwump" Schwam

Barry "Schwump" Schwam is a DJ and musician. One of The Residents' early supporters, he was one of the first artists other than The Residents to be released on Ralph Records, with his single "Aphids In The Hall" in 1976. For many years this single was his only release, until 2001 when he resurfaced with the first in what is now a long series of releases. He lives in Sierra Madre, California.

History with The Residents Edit

In the mid-1970s, one of The Residents travelled to Portland, Oregon, where KBOO-FM had been one of the few stations to pick up on their releases and give them airplay. One of the DJs who had been playing The Residents on his show was a man who went by the name "Schwump".

Schwump had attracted the band's attention when they heard about an all-frog opera which he'd broadcast on his show. The Residents invited him down to San Francisco to record an album in 1976. The result was a short work called "Aphids In The Hall", with The Residents performing the backing instrumentation.

During this time, Schwump also assisted The Residents by appearing in their film Vileness Fats, in the role of a black-faced midget singing Al Jolson's "Mammy".

According to Ian Shirley in his book Meet The Residents, Schwump was worried about the single being pirated, so he insisted that the initial release be limited to 200 copies. However, when The Residents complied with his wishes he then complained about them not pressing enough copies to give him the exposure he wanted. After that the band lost touch with him, and didn't hear anything more from him again except in 1993 when Schwump sent in the "Please send me more information about Ralph Records" card from his personal copy of the single.

The original single has never been reissued, but in 2001 Schwump re-recorded the three songs and released the new versions on cassette.

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