"Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)" (sometimes known simply as "Smack Your Lips") is a song by The Residents, first released on their 1982 album The Tunes of Two Cities.

It is an instrumental which is based on "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller, and featured prominently in the group's first touring performance The Mole Show in 1983.


"Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)" was recorded by The Residents in January 1982, as part of the sessions that resulted in their album The Tunes of Two Cities - part two of their elaborate, ambitious, and ultimately unfinished Mole Trilogy project.

In the context of the trilogy, "Smack Your Lips" is an example of the music produced by the vapid and materialistic Chub culture. Like most of the Chub songs featured on The Tunes of Two Cities, "Smack Your Lips" was also based on big band swing and jazz music - in this instance, deriving particularly from "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller.

It was first performed live by the group in 1983 as part of their first touring performance The Mole Show, and later in 1995 by Už Jsme Doma during the Freak Show Live show.

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