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The American Composers Box is an upcoming pREServed box set compilation by The Residents, compiling works recorded by the group for their unfinished American Composer Series. No release date has been confirmed as of January 2021.

The American Composers Box is expected to include remastered and expanded editions of the albums George & James and Stars & Hank Forever, with additional contemporary material recorded for the unfinished series, and potentially at least one live recording from the group's 13th Anniversary tour.

In a Facebook comment Richard Cherry Red announced that The American Composers Box would bring together a lot of their mid 1980s soundtrack work, as well as their longer compositions from the period.[1]

The box set has been mostly compiled and was originally earmarked for release around 2020, but the release has been delayed indefinitely due to rights issues surrounding one unspecified but "vital" element of the set.[2] No track listing or any specific confirmation of its contents have been released by The Cryptic Corporation or Cherry Red Records to date.

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  1. 'The idea is to bring together a lot of their own mid 80s work for TV and film, longer compositions like Fur Elsie and so on' - Richard Anderson, 2021
  2. "American Composers is more or less done and dusted too, but there's a vital missing piece of the jigsaw they're still trying to secure." - Richard Anderson, The Residents Facebook group, May 1st 2020