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The Bunny Boy is an album by The Residents, released September 1st 2008 on MVD Audio.

History and concept

The release of The Bunny Boy album was in conjunction with a live tour and a narrative online video series of the same name.

The narrative of the video series and album concerned a character known as The Bunny Boy or Bunny, an old friend of The Residents dating back to their earliest days, who communicates with the group and their fans from his secret room via emails and eccentric, cryptic videos posted on YouTube.

In addition to The Residents, frequent collaborators Nolan Cook, Carla Fabrizio and Joshua Raoul Brody also appear on the album.

The video series would later be compiled into the DVD feature Is Anybody Out There? and further music related to the concept (including intermission music from the Bunny Boy tour composed by Charles Bobuck) would be released as Postcards From Patmos in 2009.

A number of tracks recorded in 2009 for an abandoned sequel to The Bunny Boy were later released on the OzanArkansasand Ozark albums.

The concept would be revisited by the group in April 2019, with the release of a limited edition book, The Bunny Boy Emails, compiling selected correspondence between Bunny and the group's fans, as well as an art installation reconstructing Bunny's secret room.


  1. Boxes of Armageddon (2:12)
  2. Rabbit Habit (2:13)
  3. I'm Not Crazy (2:38)
  4. Pictures from a Little Girl (2:29)
  5. What If It's True? (2:32)
  6. Fever Dreams (1:37)
  7. Butcher Shop (2:34)
  8. I Like Black (2:23)
  9. Secret Room (3:19)
  10. My Nigerian Friend (1:59)
  11. It Was Me (1:59)
  12. Golden Guy (2:22)
  13. The Bunny Boy (2:24)
  14. Blood on the Bunny (2:13)
  15. I Killed Him (2:15)
  16. The Dark Man (2:34)
  17. Secret Message (2:38)
  18. Patmos (2:30)
  19. The Black Behind (4:44)


Performed By: The Residents

With Guests: Carla Fabrizio, Nolan Cook & Joshua Raoul Brody.

Written By: The Residents

Produced By: The Cryptic Corporation

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