Lonesome Jack on the set of Vileness Fats

"The Importance of Evergreen" is a song by The Residents, originally written in the early 1970s for their Vileness Fats film project. In the film, it is an inspirational anthem sung by the villain Lonesome Jack to his gang The Bell Boys.

In 1984 it was re-recorded for the Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? soundtrack; to date this is the only version of this song available. This version is also included in the score to the 17-minute "concentrate" released in 2001 on Icky Flix.

Lyrics Edit

The crystal clear is purest the world was ever taught
It's in the dreams of Evergreen and what the bridesmaid caught
A picnic day with newborn hay beside a fireplace
Brings to eye a pumpkin pie and smiles on mother's face
It's Xanadu and Camelot between Niagara Falls
It's nightingales between the tales of ivy-covered halls
In sunrise on a tropic I'll be seeing you again
Evergreen! Oh, Evergreen! Your seeds must now be sown!
Evergreen! Oh, Evergreen! On all the winds be blown!

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