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The Man In The Dark Sedan is a single released by Snakefinger, produced by The Residents.


The Man In The Dark Sedan was written by The Residents and Snakefinger, the track was included on Snakefinger' second album "Greener Postures", and was performed by both artists multiple times. The Residents used the song as the basis for their 1992 song "Mr. Lonely" and performed it during the Wonder Of Weird Tour.

Womb To Worm was not included on Greener Postures and is exclusive to this release. In Australia this track was replaced by The Model

Track Listing

  1. The Man In The Dark Sedan (Snakefinger/Residents) (4:32)
  2. Womb To Worm (Snakefinger) (3:13)

Australian Version

  1. The Man In The Dark Sedan (Snakefinger/Residents) (4:32)
  2. The Model (Hutter/Bartos/Schult) (3:39)


  • Produced By: Snakefinger & The Residents
  • Cover Illustration By: Mark Beyer
  • 'The Man In The Dark Sedan' Written By: Snakefinger/Residents
  • 'Womb To Worm' Written By: Snakefinger

Release History

Year Label Region
1980 Ralph Records US
Celluloid FR
Missing Link AU
1984 Ralph Records US

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