"The New Machine" is a six-part suite by The Residents, from their 1981 album Mark of the Mole (the first part of the Mole Trilogy).

The suite focuses on a Chub scientist as he attempts to build a machine to relieve the Chub society of their need for the Moles' labor, as more Chubs grow fearful and angry towards the Moles.

The suite


Chub Scientist: Today I have declared myself to be a subject of the will of the people. Too long have my studies and research been for my own pleasures and distractions. Civilization needs the minds of its people. My first project will be the freeing of our underground workers. There is no reason why technology cannot be called on to meet this challenge.
A machine. A great machine. I see it now. Creatures! Seek your dignity! Scrap metal and I shall fight, and you shall be the winner!

Ugly Rumors

Chub: They lie about all through the day
Thinking that they should be paid
For all of 'em knowing how to breed
Producing more for us to have to pay for their food, too.
They'll steal our daughters for their brides
Expecting more than life provides
A huge ungrateful straw stampede...




Chub Scientist: Failure... Oh, my beautiful machine. My poor, poor beautiful machine. What have I done wrong? Where have I failed you?


Chub Scientist: But give up? Never! Not as long as there are souls imprisoned in the dark life. Not as long as a whisper of life clings to my body. There will be freedom in the holes! All will hail the new machine! Yes! Yes! I think I've got it now. There, the spark leaps to live. The Golden Age quivers on the brink of creation. Live, my machine! Live my savior! You have my breath... You have my dream, my dream.



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