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Illustration by Gary Panter for The Official W.E.I.R.D. Book of The Residents, 1979

Over the course of their long career, The Residents have often been written about. In more recent years, the group (and people associated with them, such as Charles Bobuck and Hardy Fox) have also made their own novels and stories available to the public.

The below is a list of published and unpublished written works by and about The Residents.

Books by The Residents

Books by people associated with The Residents

Books about The Residents by others

  • The Official W.E.I.R.D. Book of The Residents by the W.E.I.R.D. fan club (1979)
  • The Cryptic Guide to The Residents by Dave Warden (Bach's Decay, 1986)
  • Meet The Residents: America's Most Eccentric Band! by Ian Shirley (1993; revised and updated 1998)
  • The Residents: Eyeball to Eyeball by Miroslav Wanek & Karel Cisar (Czech Republic, 1995)
  • The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway: The Official Strategy Guide by Jeff Sengstack (Prima Games, 1995)
  • Never Known Questions: Five Decades of The Residents by Ian Shirley (Cherry Red, 2016)
  • O for Obscurity, Or, The Story of N. by Andrew Hook (Eyeball Museum, 2020)

Comics featuring The Residents

  • The Comix of Two Cities by Matt Howarth (1982)
  • Freak Show comic book by The Residents, Charles Burns, Matt Howarth, Kyle Baker, et. al (Dark Horse, 1992)
  • Stalking Ralph by Matt Howarth (1995)
  • Fresh Hell In Fits: A Falsified History of The Residents by Steven Cerio (Psychofon Records, 2019)


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