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The Residents in Cube-E, 1989

Although they only rarely performed in public during most of their "classic" period between 1972 and 1983, The Residents' live shows have since become one of the most successful facets of their art.

This page lists the group's known live shows, tours and performances; from their early guerrilla-style shows in San Francisco to their modern day elaborate, international touring spectacles.

Residents, Uninc. (1971-1972)

  • The Boarding House - October 18th 1971, The Boarding House, San Francisco, California
  • Party of '71 - October 31st 1971, Philip's Wedding, "The Mad House", Arcata, California
  • Party of '72 - October 19th 1972, Chris' Party, Redwood, California

The Residents (1976-present)

Cancelled performance projects

Randy Rose solo performances

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