The Secret Seed is an instrumental track by The Residents, recorded for their 1983 album The Tunes Of Two Cities.


Within the universe of The Mole Trilogy, the song represents the Mole's intricate mating process, and is likely a song performed during mating.

The song was recorded in 1982 exclusively using the Emulator Synth, the synthesizer that The Tunes of Two Cities is based on.

It was performed live for the first time on the 26th of October, 1982 at The Kabuki Theatre, in San Francisco. It was not included in the April test performance of The Mole Show, as that show was exclusively music from Mark of the Mole.

For the song several dancers appear on stage, holding balls of light in their hands, as they perform an intricate dance, meant to represent the Mole mating process.

It would continue to be performed at live shows until October 7th, 1983, the end of The Mole Show.



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