The Residents in The Third Reich 'n Roll

The Third Reich 'n Roll (also known as Land of 1000 Dances) is a 1977 short film by The Residents.

Now considered one of the earliest examples of the medium of "music video", it was created using the props and sets from the Vileness Fats film project and was created for the Australian television series Flashez. The music featured in the video is a six minute "concentrate" of various pieces of music from the album of the same name.

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Some versions (including the remastered version available on Icky Flix) begin with a brief animation of an Atomic Shopping Cart, who giggles into the camera, and is then joined by two others, over which is a title card which says "The Residents on Ralph Records".

The video begins with The Residents, dressed in in newspaper costumes in a newspaper room, performing "Land of 1000 Dances". The first half ends with The Residents suddenly attacked by men dressed in silver foil space suits and shot with lasers.

A close-up of the singing Resident crossfades into the second half of the film, which consists of stop-motion animation of two Residents, an Atomic Shopping Cart, and various other props, including two huge skulls, in the main town square of Vileness Flats, with a cardboard cut-out of Adolf Hitler overseeing the proceedings from the bridge, which has been redecorated with a large swastika.

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The video was created for the Australian music program Flashez in 1977, in lieu of an organized performance tour in support of the album. Aside from some short films by The Beatles (particularly for "Strawberry Fields Forever") this film is considered among the very first ever music videos - a medium which The Residents would continue to pioneer over the next several years.

The first half of the film was shot in colour, though as the sets and costumes were constructed entirely from newspaper it is difficult to tell. As such, the video has often been seen in an entirely mono-chrome version, but the original colour version was remastered in its entirety and included on the Icky Flix DVD in 2001.

A copy of the film is held in the Museum of Modern Art.

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