The Ultimate Disaster is a 7 part suite from The Residents Mark of The Mole album.


The Ultimate Disaster features the mole's home being flooded by heavy storm, causing them to become confused and scared, ultimately deciding to migrate to the sea!... the track features 7 parts.

In live versions of the track, only the first 4 parts were ever performed.

"Well, that was kinda of flashy in a low tech sort of way... first of all we had God Of Darkness over here, that was just religious garbage, you can forget about that. Then we had Working Down Below, which teaches us, that the Moles, work.. down bellow and seem to enjoy it. That was followed by First Warning, boom, get your attention, we lulled you back to sleep with Back To Normality, and then bam, The Sky Falls, that was the thing with the strobe lights and the fancy colors." - Penn Jillette.


  1. Won't You Keep Us Working?
  2. First Warning
  3. Back To Normality?
  4. The Sky Falls!
  5. Why Are We Crying
  6. The Tunnels Are Filling
  7. It Never Stops


God of the nightfall, God of the shade,
God of the deep it's you whose made
All of the evening, all of the night,
All of the motion without light.
God of the darkness, God of the soul,
God of the deep dark friendly hole;
God of the unseen, cloudy and dim;
God of the hiding hear this hymn:
Won't you keep us working -- working, working, working;
Won't you keep us working -- working down below.
Harmony cannot be denied; Once again we are satisfied;
Calm and quiet have been restored; So it is as it was before.
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
Shrinking from the touch of darkness, moaning in the night;
Sobbing into melancholy, weeping into fright;
Graciousness is not forgotten and into its place,
Whispering insinuation finds a fond embrace.
There is no home where we reside, if there is nothing down deep inside,
Except a serpent sitting beside a promise of nothing except suicide.
I have been told, deep in my dreams, that there is hope, and that it seems
All that we seek was seen by the sea; yes,
Safety and comfort do dwell by the sea.


  • Demo Version
  • Studio Version (8:59)
  • Rez Dance Version, 1982 (5 Minutes)
  • 1982 Live Version (5 Minutes)
  • 1983 Live Version (5 Minutes)
  • 1986 Edit Version (4:37)


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