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The Weatherman is a song from The Residents' Demons Dance Alone album.


The song features Molly Harvey on lead vocals, it tells the story of two people, The Narrator & The Weatherman, now living together after the tragic loss The Weatherman's home. The two find they don't understand, or need eachother, as the narrator leaves.

The song references the 1952 film Ivanhoe.

A shorter, instrumental demo version appeared on the Ralph America Deluxe Edition of Demons Dance Alone. This version features studio chatter from a black band as the intro.

In 2013, the song was remixed for The Residents' Radio Thoreau project, this remix was released as a digital single.

Five years later, two separate versions appeared on the I Am A Resident CD, & LP. The CD features a version by Danny Spiteri & Jason Hallyburton, whilst the LP features a version by (the) baby born massacre.


I was watching Ivanhoe
When they said the tornado
Blew your big old house apart
Robert Taylor was the star
You never knew why I was blue
So I went to a movie after you
Spread out on your feather bed
With weather maps you never read
You said the east was freezing but
The clouds were insignificant
I never knew what made you speak
Of sleet between your satin sheets
You're always calling me
But I'm never needed
I'm needy
I'm needy
I'm needing a new home
A fall in Philadelphia
When you were much healthier
Obstructed your recovery
As yellow leaves fell from the trees



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