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This Is A Mans Mans Mans World / Jailhouse Rock, often shortened to Jailhouse Rock is a single by The Residents and Snakefinger, that features new recordings of both songs.


During their August 1986 tour of Australia, The Residents & Snakefinger found themselves in AIM's studios at Byron Bay. The label had been distributing the band's albums in Australia for the past year and wanted an exclusive single to release, and so asked them to re-record This Is A Man's World from their White Single, and Jailhouse Rock, from Residue. These studio recordings have appeared on many outtakes compilations since.

The version of Jailhouse Rock featured on this single has since become the chosen favorite of The Residents, replacing their 1982 recording on future represses on Residue, as well as appearing on all future compilations to feature the song.

Track Listing

  1. Mans World (4:54) (J.Brown)
  2. Jailhouse Rock (3:08) (Leiber-Stoller)