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Triple Trouble (originally announced under the title Double Trouble) is an upcoming feature film by The Residents.

First announced in November 2016, Triple Trouble was "deep in post-production" as of early August 2021, with The Residents hoping to have completed the film by the end of the following month for submission to the Sundance Film Festival, with other festival screenings to follow.[1] Ultimately, the film was said to be "ninety-eight to ninety-nine percent" complete as of February 2022.[2]

Triple Trouble will feature footage from the group's abandoned Vileness Fats film project, framed by new footage shot by the group in 2016 and 2020 with collaborators Don Hardy and John Sanborn. The film is expected to be preceded by the June 2022 release of a soundtrack album of the same name on MVD Audio and Cherry Red Records.[2]


Origins and development

Since the abandonment of their first feature film project, Vileness Fats, in early 1976, The Residents had often considered restoring the hours of film and videotape footage they had shot and finally completing it.

Following one such discussion in the mid-to-late 2000s, The Residents felt that while they considered the footage "charming", they felt that most of the project's appeal derived from its inherent naivety, and that their past naivety could not be effectively recreated thirty to forty years later.[1]

However, still liking most of the ideas they had developed for the unfinished film, the group instead chose to develop the Vileness Fats concepts into a new feature film project, developing a screenplay titled Double Trouble. Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation, began efforts to raise money for the project shortly after the screenplay was completed.[1]

Early production

Pre-production logo from 2016 with original title "Double Trouble"

The project was first announced in Autumn of 2016 with the release of a video directed by Don Hardy and starring the group's lead vocalist Randy Rose, entitled "Junior's Double Trouble Nightmare". In this trailer, Rose appears to his son (the unseen Randy Junior) in a dream, and explains the plot of the film.

A second trailer, containing footage from the film and introducing Dustin York as Junior, followed in September 2017. The footage seen in this trailer is excerpted from 25 minutes of footage shot by The Residents with Don Hardy in 2017.

COVID-19 pandemic and return to production

The Residents continued to seek funding for the film following their initial efforts with Don Hardy in 2016 and 2017, and had funded approximately 10 percent of the overall planned budget for the film when the COVID-19 novel coronavirus spread across the world in early 2020, causing a global pandemic which necessitated lockdowns and social distancing across the world.[3]

While in lockdown during 2020, The Residents took the opportunity to rework the Double Trouble screenplay, rewriting it to take place another five years following the events seen in the 25 minutes of footage shot by the group with Don Hardy.[2] The new version of the script was retitled Triple Trouble, in light of the fact that the film represents three distinct periods of The Residents' filmmaking; Vileness Fats from 1972 to 1976, Double Trouble between 2016 and 2017, and Triple Trouble from 2020.[1]

With this new script, The Residents had completed production by December 2020, having shot the rest of the film over a ten day schedule in October with their frequent collaborator, video artist John Sanborn.[3][2]


In December 2020 the film's updated title was revealed in the liner notes which accompanied The Residents' live album, In Between Dreams Live In San Francisco. Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation further explained in a podcast interview on December 15th that The Residents are now in post-production on the film. At that time The Residents expected post-production on Triple Trouble to be finished by Spring of 2021.[3][4]

The Residents' email newsletter in March 2021 alluded to a second feature film also being "in the can",[5] but Homer Flynn explained in May that there is only one feature film in production, and that he was not sure where the information about a second film had originated.[6]

In August 2021 The Residents had been aiming for a September completion date, in order to submit the finished film to the Sundance Film Festival, with further screenings on the festival circuit to follow thereafter.[1] However, post-production on the film continued into 2022, with the film being "ninety-eight to ninety-nine percent done" with only "a few little tiny post-production things still left to do" as of February.[2]

Plot outline

In the year 2023, following the death of Randy Rose, the lead singer of The Residents, his son Randy Junior discovers that his father's ashes have been stolen and listed for sale on eBay by a mysterious culprit.

While investigating, Junior discovers the footage for the group's unfinished feature film Vileness Fats in a foot locker in his mother's basement. Watching the footage, Junior becomes "completely obsessed" and "further and further sucked into the world of Vileness Fats", and soon finds that his life is beginning to unravel in a way parallel to that of the film's protagonist Steve.

Five years later, Junior has left the church and, still wishing to help people, has become a plumber. His only companion is an AI-enhanced drone, and, emotionally isolated after losing his faith and breaking up with his wife, Junior spirals further into a conspiracy theory mindset.[7]


Archival footage from Vileness Fats:


The release of Triple Trouble is expected to be accompanied by a soundtrack album of the same name, which is currently being finalized for a release in June 2022 on MVD Audio and Cherry Red Records.[2]

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