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Twenty Twisted Questions (Stylized on the US VHS as 20 Twisted Questions) is a film and interactive laserdisc released by The Residents in order to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.



Production on the laserdisc began sometime following Ty's Freak Show on November 11th of 1991. The film only contains roughly 14 minutes of newly produced footage, comprised of the title sequences and the digital animations of the band's album artwork featured in the latter half. Most of the music videos featured in the package had previously been released through other forms of home media, but the Performance Art section was comprised entirely of unreleased archival videos re-edited for the disc.


The Laserdisc was released by The Voyager Company in association with Ralph Records on May 28th, 1992.[1] Voyager were at the time also looking into the emerging CD-ROM format, and made The Residents aware of it. The group began developing the Freak Show CD-ROM with Voyager shortly following the release of Twenty Twisted Questions.

In 1993, The Cryptic Corporation and Euro Ralph released VHS editions of the film.[2]


Side A

  1. Twenty Twisted Questions: Two Decades Of Anonymous Art
  2. Video And Film Art
  3. The Third Reich 'N' Roll (1972-76)
  4. Eloise (1974)
  5. Hello Skinny (1980)
  6. One Minute Movies (1980)
  7. This Is A Man's Man's Man's World (1984)
  8. Earth Vs The Flying Saucers (1985)
  9. Don't Be Cruel (1990)
  10. Freak Show (1991)

Side B

  1. Performance Art
  2. The Mole Show (1982-83)
  3. The 13th Anniversary Show (This Is A Man's Man's Man's World) (1985-87)
  4. Cube-E: The History Of American Music In 3 E-Z Pieces (1989-1990)
  5. Music And Graphic Arts
  6. 1972: Santa Dog
  7. 1973: Meet The Residents
  8. 1974: Not Available
  9. 1975: The Third Reich 'N' Roll
  10. 1976: Satisfaction / Loser=Weed
  11. 1977: Fingerprince
  12. 1978: Duck Stab
  13. 1979: Eskimo
  14. 1980: The Commercial Album
  15. 1981: Mark Of The Mole
  16. 1982: The Tunes Of Two Cities
  17. 1983: The Mole Show
  18. 1984: George & James
  19. 1985: The Big Bubble
  20. 1986: Stars & Hank Forever
  21. 1987: God In Three Persons
  22. 1988: The Holy Kiss Of Flesh
  23. 1989: The King & Eye
  24. 1990: Cube E
  25. 1991: Freak Show
  26. Credits
  27. End
  28. Ty's Freak Show


  • Directed By: The Residents
  • Produced By: The Cryptic Corp.
  • Executive Producer: Michael Nash, The Voyager Co.
  • Music Written & Performed By The Residents
  • Published By: Pale Pachyderm
  • Edited By: Skip Sweeney, Video Free America, Laurie Schmidt, & The San Francisco Production Group
  • Technical Director: Morgan Holly
  • Production Coordinator: Kim Finneran & The Voyager Company
  • Package Design By Rex Ray
  • Liner Notes By Barry Walters
  • Music Selected By Uncle Willie

Video & Film Art

Performance Art

Additional Music

Release Chart

Year Label Format Region Notes
1992 The Voyager Company & Ralph Records Laserdisc US
1993 The Cryptic Corporation VHS Two variations, PAL & NTSC
Euro Ralph Europe