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Už Jsme Doma (Czech pronunciation: [ˈuʃɪsmɛ ˈdoma], /ʊʃmeɪ ˈdoʊmə/) are a progressive rock band, who formed in the Czech border town Teplice in 1985. The band's name translates literally to, "we're home now" but idiomatically means "well, there you go" in Czech conversation.

They have released several albums and a DVD, and have taken on a wide array of ambitious projects outside of simple music performance, including work with theater, film and art. They are noted as long-time fans of The Residents, and have collaborated with them on a number of occasions since the early 1990s.

History with The Residents

Prior to forming Už Jsme Doma, members of the band were part of a group called Fourth Price Band (or F.P.B.), who performed covers of "Santa Dog" by The Residents and "The Spot" by Snakefinger.

Už Jsme Doma's first association with The Residents came, when band member Miroslav Wanek published an unoffical book of Residents lyrics translated into the Czech language.

In 1995 they were briefly signed to Euro Ralph to release their album Pohádky Ze Zapotřebí in European territories outside of Czechia. Later that same year, under the guidance of The Residents, members of Už Jsme Doma performed under the guise of The Freak Show Band for The Residents' live performance of their album Freak Show in Prague (in which the group themselves did not perform).

In 1997, band member Jindra Dolanský performed saxophone on the album Fancy by Idiot Flesh, which featured a cover of The Residents' "Bach Is Dead".

The group's next collaboration with The Residents would be in 2010, when they performed with their lead vocalist Randy Rose in a show known as Moravian Meeting (which was loosely based on The Residents' then-current touring project Talking Light). Excerpts from this show were first heard on the Hardy Fox tribute album The Godfather Of Odd in 2019, and were released soon after on Klanggalerie as a standalone live album in June 2020.

Discography with The Residents

Už Jsme Doma with Randy Rose, 2010

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