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The Residents' Ultimate Box Set (or UBS) is a "box set" collection of the first editions of all releases by The Residents up to 2012, housed in a 28 cubic foot refrigerator.

First announced in December 2012 in a YouTube infomercial starring the group's lead singer Randy Rose, the box set was aimed at the high art market and priced at $100,000. To date, only two Ultimate Box Sets are known to have been produced; one which was donated to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and another for a wealthy fan in Indiana (who ultimately paid less than 25% of the $100,000).[1]

When asked in December 2020 if the Ultimate Box Set would still be available for anyone who was able to pay for it, Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation said "let's talk".[2]


"The plain and simple truth is that this box set, it's so huge, that it takes a refrigerator to hold it all!" - Randy Rose

Numbered magnet included with "Tripmonster"'s UBS

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their debut release, The Residents conceived what may be their most ambitious product ever: The Residents' Ultimate Box Set, a 28 cubic foot refrigerator (labelled with a special "UBS" fridge magnet)[3] containing first editions of every release by The Residents up to that point as well as additional merchandise (including an original eyeball mask, or optional skull).

The UBS was announced via a YouTube infomercial video in December of 2012, featuring The Residents' lead singer Randy Rose in a Santa Claus suit (the same he would later wear during the Wonder of Weird tour) offering the box for sale for $100,000 (plus shipping, handling and insurance).

The group originally considered delivering the Ultimate Box Set in a "handcart", along with a banquet and special performance for the buyer by The Residents, however this plan ultimately did not come to fruition.[2]


As one might imagine, the $100,000 price tag severely limited sales of the Ultimate Box Set. Many fans assumed it was a joke, or an artistic comment on consumerism. The Cryptic Corporation insisted that the UBS was intended as a legitimate product, aimed towards a high art market. It was to be limited to only ten copies, with the sets themselves only being created after orders were received for them.[1]

To date, only two sets have been produced. One was donated to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (which included the original "Mr. Brown" eyeball mask), and the other was purchased by a fan in Indiana known as "Tripmonster"[4][3], whose wife was somehow related to the Eli Lilley pharmaceutical fortune, played drums in a marching band,[2] and who made a $10,000 deposit towards the set. Tripmonster's UBS included the "Mr. Green" mask.[4][3]

Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation and Don Hardy (director of the documentary film Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents) travelled to Indiana to personally deliver the set, filming the proceedings for a 10 minute short film to accompany the documentary ("a very nice piece", according to Flynn, which remains unreleased and in the possession of Don Hardy). "Tripmonster" had his marching band perform for the short film, which also featured his wife and children. Flynn later said he considered both "Tripmonster" and his wife to be very interesting people and shooting the short film allowed Flynn and Hardy to gain a great deal of insight into the family's lives.[2]

"Tripmonster"'s marriage ultimately came to an end and he claimed that The Residents and the Ultimate Box Set were instrumental in the split. Flynn said that after this, the fan became "very strange", stopped making payments, and became "very abusive" towards Flynn in a series of text messages, after which contact ceased between "Tripmonster" and the Cryptic Corporation. As of December 2020, Flynn had not heard from him in around four or five years.[2] Flynn said at a reading of The Brick-Eaters in August 2018 that "Tripmonster" had paid less than 25% of the total $100,000 value of the Ultimate Box Set.[1]


The Museum of Modern Art's Ultimate Box Set

The Ultimate Box Set contains over one hundred first editions of virtually all of The Residents' albums, singles, DVDs, box sets, books and CD-ROMs released up to 2012, as well as a real eyeball mask (with the option of a skull on a first come, first served basis) and additional merchandise, all housed in a 28 cubic foot, two-door refrigerator.

Vinyl albums

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Miscellaneous items

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box available for sale at The Wonder of Weird merchandise table

Announced in the infomercial alongside the Ultimate Box Set was a "Mystery Box", available for a much larger sum of $5,000,000 (plus shipping, handling and insurance). The Mystery Box was also available for purchase at the merchandise stand during the group's Wonder of Weird live tour priced at $4,999,999.99.

The Mystery Box was never purchased. During a reading of The Brick-Eaters in August 2018, Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation confirmed that the Mystery Box contained the complete publishing rights to all of The Residents' music. He also explained that the Mystery Box had been something of a joke/publicity stunt and that they did not expect anyone to buy it.[5]

Given that the publishing rights to The Residents' music are now partly owned by Cherry Red Records and MVD Audio, the Mystery Box is no longer available for sale.

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