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Video Voodoo is a collection of Music Videos by The Residents & Graeme Whifler. It collects a number of music videos produced by The Residents from 1972 to 1985.


The film was released by Ralph Records in the US, and Palace Video in The Netherlands on both VHS & Betamax. It is the second home video release by The Residents, and the release of Earth Vs. Flying Saucers, previously been shown as an introduction video to The 13th Anniversary Show.

There is one video not by The Residents , Renaldo & The Loaf's Songs For Swinging Larvae, directed by Graeme Whifler for The Residents' Ralph Records label.

It is assumed that a second volume was planned to feature The Residents future music videos, which was perhaps scrapped due to the groups move away from the music video format in favor of live performance and CD-ROM throughout the 1990s.

Music Videos

  1. It's A Man's Man's Man's World
  2. Earth Vs Flying Saucers
  3. One-Minute Movies
    1. Moisture
    2. The Act of Being Polite
    3. Perfect Love
    4. The Simple Song
  4. Hello Skinny
  5. Excerpt From: The Mole Show (Smack Your Lips)
  6. Excerpt From: Vileness Fats (Eloise)
  7. The Third Reich 'N Roll
  8. Songs For Swinging Larvae


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