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X Is For Xtra (A Conclusion) is the title attributed to a reel of 1974 recordings by The Residents, the majority of which were later edited, remixed and overdubbed to be included on the albums Fingerprince[1] and Not Available. The reel is said to compile pieces of music which were originally intended to form the score to their abandoned feature film Vileness Fats.[2]

A newly-created remix[3] of X Is For Xtra was released in November 2019 as the bonus disc of the pREServed edition of Not Available. It has been mentioned by a spokesperson from Cherry Red Records as being one title under consideration for release as a stand-alone limited edition vinyl release in the near future.[4]


The tracks featured on X Is For Xtra were recorded by The Residents around 1974, following the release of their debut album Meet The Residents. A number of the instrumental pieces were originally intended by The Residents to comprise the score for their troubled film project Vileness Fats, which was ultimately abandoned in 1976.[2]

Some pieces on the tape seem to originate from an early, alternate mix of the suite which later became Not Available. For instance, "Theme From X" developed into part of "Edweena", and "Solome and Goiter" and "New Mexico Dream" are early versions of sections from "The Making of a Soul", with radically different vocals and instrumentation. "Where To Begin?" is the origin of the mysterious "hidden monologue" from the same track.

Remix and release

Some pieces from X Is For Xtra such as "March of the Winnebagos", "Bossy" and "Tournament of Roses" would see release (at least in edited form) on Fingerprince in 1977, many were remixed and overdubbed to become Not Available in 1978, and others were compiled onto the second of the group's private "MOP" outtake reels and shelved for decades.

"Asonarose" and "Soundtrack Music Piece 17" were first released in 2011 on the extended version of Not Available. An additional track originating from these sessions was released on The Residents' official website in September 2019 as a Free! Weird! download, entitled "Available Nonsensical".

The Fingerprince version of "March of the Winnebagos" (there retitled "March de la Winni") is around two minutes shorter than the version featured on the X Is For Xtra reel, which was released as a Free! Weird! download in November 2019.

In 2019, The Residents returned to the X Is For Xtra multitrack masters, creating new mixes of the remainder of the previously unheard parts of the tape. This resulted in a semi-remixed version of the reel, which was released in November of that year, on a bonus disc accompanying the pREServed remastered edition of Not Available. The disc does not include the Fingerprince tracks or "Available Nonsensical" (the latter having been discovered too late for inclusion).

The remixed version of X Is For Xtra was named by Richard Anderson of Cherry Red Records as a potential upcoming entry in a mail-order, limited edition vinyl-only pREServed subseries, which was originally intended to commence in 2020[4] but which has been delayed to an unknown time in the near future.

Track listing

Original reel

The exact track listing of the original X Is For Xtra tape is not known at present (apart from sections of the original track listing which were included in the liner notes to the 2019 pREServed edition of Not Available), however its contents are presumed to include the following:

  • Mehico Ron Devoo
  • Theme From Exorcist (With Roman Overtones)
  • Theme From X (Pt 2)
  • Solome and Goiter
  • Brazen Glory (Tournament of Roses)
  • New Mexico Dream
  • Ho Ho Bumped His Toe
  • Where To Begin?
  • Fairly Well
  • Love Sprong
  • Ah Spare Us, Gus
  • Bossy
  • Slow Texture
  • Tennessee Williams
  • March of the Winnebagos
  • Little A (An Authentic Folk Song)
  • Asonarose
  • Anaconda Montana
  • Tune of the Unknown
  • Soundtrack Music Piece 17
  • O Solo Meow
  • Mehico Ron Devoo Finale

Two other tracks thought to originate from these sessions (but possibly not featured on the original tape) are:

2019 pREServed remix

  1. Mehico Ron Devoo (3:04)
  2. Theme From X (With Roman Overtones) (2:29)
  3. Theme From X (Pt 2) (1:44)
  4. Salome And Goiter (1:47)
  5. New Mexico Dream (5:09)
  6. Ho Ho Bumped His Toe (0:49)
  7. Where To Begin? (4:22)
  8. Fairly Well (4:09)
  9. Love Sprong (2:47)
  10. Ah, Spare Us Gus (2:09)
  11. Slow Texture (2:17)
  12. Tennessee Williams (2:06)
  13. Little A (An Authentic Folk Song) (2:19)
  14. Asonarose (2:30)
  15. Anaconda Montana (2:53)
  16. Tune Of The Unknown (1:31)
  17. Soundtrack Music Piece 17 (1:54)
  18. Oh Solo Meow (3:35)
  19. Mehico Ron Devoo Finale (2:31)
  20. Russian Love Song (14:46) (unlisted)

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  1. "Yes, it was on the multitracks (a lot of Fingerprince was part of the X... project originally). It's about 2.5 minutes long. I think they're planning to do some vinyl reissues and include much more multitrack stuff on those, but that's TBC." - Richard Anderson, The Residents Facebook group, April 16th 2020
  2. 2.0 2.1 "(Vileness Fats pREServed) was actually discussed this week, but I don't know if it'll happen. The 'X Is For Xtra' stuff on the Not Available reissue covered the musical side of it, and I don't know what condition the footage is in... We'll see." - Richard Anderson, The Residents Facebook group, May 1st 2020
  3. " I understand it they were so pleased with how the pREServed stuff was received that they've dug out the multitracks of the 70s albums and begun playing around with those. That's how both Eskimo DeConstructed and X Is For Xtra came about, I think." - Richard AndersonRalph Records Facebook group, October 6th 2020
  4. 4.0 4.1 "My hope is that we'll release X... on vinyl next year so it can occupy both 1974 and 1978 positions." - Richard Anderson, The Residents Facebook group, November 14th 2019

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